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Innovative Associate Technology Limited was originally formed in 2004 with the objective of becoming a premier supplier of enterprise-class solutions based around Knowledge Management, Document Management, Records Management, Image Management, Business Process automation (Workflow) and Document Scanning solutions.

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Job Reference


Contract No.: ED/2018/05
Subject: Kai Tak Development – Stage 5B Infrastructure Works at the Former North Apron Area

Contract No.: DC/2019/08
Subject: Revitalization of Tsui Ping River

Contract No.: CV/2018/03
Subject: Site Formation and Infrastructure Works at Wang Chau, Yuen Long- Contract 2

Contract No.: DC/2018/06
Subject: Shek Wu Hui Effluent Polishing Plant- Main Works Stage 1

Contract No.: HY/2019/13
Subject: Central Kowloon Route- Buildings, Electrical and Mechanical Works

Contract No.: NE/2017/05
Subject: Road Widening and Retrofitting Noise Barriers on Tai Po Road (Sha Tin Section)

Contract No.: HY/2019/01
Subject: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities – Phase 2 and Other Works

Contract No.: ND/2019/03
Subject: Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas, Phase 1: Development of Long Valley Nature Park

Contract No.: EP/SP/86/15
Subject: Organic Resources Recovery Centre Phase 


Contract No.: HY/2021/06
Subject: Retrofitting of Noise Barriers on Po Lam Road North and Po Ning Road

Contract No.: YL/2020/03
Subject: Hung Shui Kiu/ Ha Tsuen New Development Area Stage 1 Works- Site Formation and Engineering Infrastructure

Contract No.: SSJ509
Subject:: Construction of District Health Centre cum Social Welfare Facilities at Siu Sai Wan

Contract No.: CV/2021/01
Subject: Site Formation and Infrastructure Works at Tuen Mun Central Phase 1- Remaining Infrastructure Works

Contract No.: YL/2020/01
Subject: Lok Ma Chau Loop Main Works Package 1 Contract 1- Site Formation and Infrastructure Works inside Lok Ma Chau Loop and Western Connection Road Phase 1

Contract No.:
ED/2020/02 ; ED/2019/02 
Subject: Development of Anderson Road Quarry Site

Contract No.: ED/2019/01 
Subject: Tseung Kwan O Further Development- Infrastructure Works for Tseung Kwan O Stage I Landfill Site- Remaining Works

Contract No.: J031740/HCTP65
Subject: Shimao Group Project

Contract No.: HY/2020/24
Subject: Provision of Universal Accessibility Facilities at Footbridges, Elevated Walkways and Subways- Package 5 Contract 1 

Contract No.: DC/2019/07
Subject: Outlying Islands Sewerage Stage 2- Upgrading of Cheung Chau Sewage Treatment And Disposal Facilities

Contract No.: SSJ510
Subject: Provision of Columbarium, Garden of Remembrance and Related Works At On Hing Lane, Shek Mun, Sha Tin

Contract No.: HY/2019/14
Subject: New Wang Tong River Bridge

Contract No.: HY/2019/11
Subject: Retrofitting of Noice Barries on Long Tin Road

Contract No.: SD/2019/03
Subject: Wan Chai Development Phase II – West Landscaped
Deck and Other Roadworks

Contract No.: 13/WSD/19
Subject: Construction of Pressure Management and District Metering Installations under Water Intelligent Network – Remaining Works 

Contract No.: DC/2020/07
Subject: Village Sewerage in Northern Tuen Mun

Contract No.: DC/2019/13
Subject: Tolo Harbour Sewerage of Unsewered Area, Stage 2 Phrase 2

Contract No.: CV/2020/01
Subject: Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Developments at Pok Fu Lam South

Contract No.: CV/2017/07
Subject: Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Developments at Wang Chau, Yuen Long

Contract No.: DC/2019/09
Subject: Provision of Village Sewerage in Sai Kung

Contract No.: HY/2019/17
Subject: Retrofitting of Escalators for Footbridge across Castle Peak Road- Kwai Chung near MTR Tai Wo Hau Station Exit B

Contract No.: DC/2019/05
Subject: Drainage Improvement Works at Yuen Long- Stage 1

Contract No.: CV/2019/03
Subject: Site Formation and Infrastructure Works 

Contract No.: 1002EM19A
Subject: Design-Build-Operate for the Additional DIstrict Cooling System (DCS) at the Kai Tak Development (KTD)

Contract No.: 4/WSD/19
Subject: Development of Anderson Road Quarry site- construction of grey water treatment plant

Contract No.: DC/2019/10
Subject:  Yuen Long Effluent Plant- Main Works for Stage 



Contract No.: DC/2020/08
Subject: Structural Improvement of Sewers and Stormwater Drains (2020)- Hong Kong Island, Kwun Tong, Sai Kung and Tai Po

Contract No.: YL/2020/04
Subject: Site Formation and Infrastructure Works for Public Housing Developments at Kam Tin South, Yuen Long- Phase 1

Contract No.: DC/2020/02
Subject:: Construction of San Shek Wan Sewage Treatment Works, Associated Submarine Outfall and Pui O Sewerage Works  

Contract No.: HY/2020/08
Subject: Flyover from Kwai Tsing Interchange Upramp to Kwai Chung Road

Contract No.: DC/2021/04
Subject: Construction and Rehabilitation of Trunk Sewerage Rising Mains in Yuen Long and Yau Tong

Contract No.: CV/2020/09
Subject: Construction of Lei Yue Mun Public Landing Facility

Contract No.: HY/2021/04
Subject: Braemar Hill Pedestrian Link

Contract No.: NL/2020/07
Subject: Tung Chung New Town Extension- Tai Ho Interchange

Contract No.: DC/2021/02
Subject: North East New Territories Sewerage System Upgrade

Contract No.: 3/WSD/20
Subject: Reclaimed Water Supply to Sheung Shui and Fanling

Contract No.: SD/2021/02
Subject: The Boardwalk Underneath Island Eastern Corridor

Contract No.: DC/2021/08
Subject: Outlying Islands Sewerage Stage 2- Lemma Village Sewerage Phrase 2, Package 2

Contract No.: DC/2021/01
Subject: Construction of Stormwater Drain at Chi Fu Road and Minor Drainage and Sewerage Works in Urban Area and New Territories

Contract No.: HY/2021/10
Subject: Provision of Universal Accessibility Facilities at Footbridge, Elevated Walkways and Subways- Package 7 Contract 1

Contract No.: SSH/506
Subject: Lung Tsun Stone Bridge Preservation Corridor at Kai Tak


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